A Message From the Founder

So Excited!!!  Time to dust off your hats, spruce up your broom, we’re off and flying again!

Thank you to all of you that have been replied one way or another to me to keep the group going and active again. To Katrina who has spent time this past week helping me and encouraging me, that “we all” can make this group come alive again, be full of fun and friendships old and new!

Please give a big thank you to Susan of Lightweavers, Hexeba and Katrina for the nudge and pushes I needed to get things going with our group. A last minute meeting of the minds and we got things moving.

A big thanks to Katrina who is doing up our new web page, getting our Instagram going and more. I’ll be reforming our facebook group.and with this and our Wacky Ole Witches we are going to have soooo much FUN.

Events: (more info for each will be announced forthcoming)

A gathering at the upcoming Sacramento Pagan Pride, this is a two-day event, Sept. 15th & 16th. Admission here is FREE, and for the Abundance of the Harvest bring one or more nonperishable food items for donation for our local food locker. We will need to decide which day or both we want to participate, any specific times, etc. so if you have any fun ideas for us to do there start sharing some them so we can discuss and create a good time for all.

The Sacramento Witches’ Ball at the VFW in Fair Oaks – Friday Oct 12th. www.sacramentowitchesball.com

Beyond the Veil Divination at Lightweavers Academy in Citrus Heights – Sat. Oct 27th

Halloween Psychic Festival, Crown Plaza Hotel, Sunday Oct. 28th
By New Earth Expo

OURS – OURS – OURS – Our first Black Hat Society of Northern California Full Moon Spelling Bee event, scheduled for Sat. October 20th at Lightweavers in Citrus Heights. This is going to be such a great event, hours of fun, visiting, sharing, shopping and finalizing with a Seance!!!!  More details to follow soon.

More stuff planned for Dec and beyond!

Please be an active member… we need to set up some planning meetings, so if your interested in helping to plan our events and plan for attending other events as a group share your ideas of when, where, etc. and we’ll get something scheduled.

Remember this is a Not For Profit group, we may ask for donations to help with any expenses we will need to cover, if any, for events.

NOTE:  Although our Yahoo group is listed as restricted (it can’t be changed, I already checked) anyone can still join, they just need to let us know so we can add them (invite them) as members, it’s that easy. You members can also invite people to join through the group.

Its way late, I’m exhausted, time for bed. Will be posting more info every few days.

Magickal Blessings,

Gail aka Winter

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