About Us

We are a social group for those in NorthernĀ California, the greater Sacramento area, and surrounding counties who enjoy the fun and whimsical side of magickal life.

We gather to meet and share with others of like interest. Check our calendar to see what we are doing!

At some of our special events, Witchy blacks hats areĀ preferred but not necessary. Any witchy hat will do, or a t-shirt with any witchy design or black hat on it, or a black hat pin etc. Anything to show that you are a black-hatter. šŸ™‚

Although this group is mainly for Witches (male and female), you don’t have to be a Witch to join us. Family and friends welcome too. Children, yes, of course, they are welcome to attend!

If you are looking for the first founded and original Black Hat Society of Northern California, you are at the right place!