Benefits of Membership

Benefits of becoming a member of The Black Hat Society NCalif social club:

  • To belong to a very unusual and unique social group.
  • To share and have fun with others of like interests.
  • To help educate our community on the truth about Witches & Witchcraft.
  • To help in the planning and organizing of our social gatherings and events.
  • Special discounts offered by BHSNC members: services, classes, products.

Membership Requirements

1   Be sponsored by another member in good standing.

2   Attend at least one meeting or social event.

3   Participate in as many gatherings/events as possible.

4   See that all members, especially new members always feel welcome.

5   Do your best to resolve issues as they arise and agree to disagree, we are all individuals and have differing opinions.

6   Must complete membership form in full with your real name, address, phone #      and date of birth.   (We keep this information private)

7   If under 18, we must have a legal parent or legal guardian’s approval.

8  Membership in the Black Hat Society of Northern California is completely free. We do not have membership fees of any kind. We gladly, gratefully accept donations at our events to help pay for web costs, venue costs, postage, event expenses, and other necessities.

Note: These membership requirements may be amended as needed.

To apply for membership or update an existing membership, please print out and complete the application below and bring it to our next event that you attend.

BHSNC Social Club Membership Application (002)